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Dinner and Singing at Don Ramón Restaurant

The Dream Team Videos Part 1 6/2/12

The Dream Team Videos Part 2 6/2/12

Tribute to Our Departed Band Members by Reno


Being goofy at the Lime Tree Cottage

La Nueva Ola Live Stream 6/2/12

La Nueva Ola 2012 was a most memorable experience where Puerto Rico Rock and Roll  band members and Friends of the 1960's reunited in Lake Worth, Florida on June 2nd. Some hadn't seen each other in 45 years! People came from different parts of Florida and flew in from Puerto Rico, and from as far away as Massachusetts, New York, Colorado, and Oregon! It was a great time of sharing peace and love, laughter, tears of joy, excitement, great music, memories and many stories...the result of an exceptional group effort.

Marilina Deitrick would like to announce that the "LA NUEVA OLA 2012" event in Lake Worth was a total success. We have started something big here and will continue celebrating activities until we are ready for what will eventually be THE BIG concert! These events will be done in different cities to give every musician that came out of the 60's Rock generation an opportunity to participate and reunite. The first event took place in Lake Worth, Florida and the second one will be in Puerto Rico this coming December, 2012 (it already was, pictures and videos will be here soon).


        Events Producer ---------------

        Producer Assistants-----------

        Associate Producer -----------

        Music Director -----------------

        A/V & Mktg. Coordinator -----

        Musicians -----------------------

Marilina Gonzalez-Deitrick

Chris Esperson, Elizabeth Alemar-Barbosa, Vivian Sam

Adrian Montijo

Joey Lindin Barbosa

Erika Meszaros

Alberto Carrión, Angel Rodriguez, Adrian Montijo, Tony
Marrero, Joey Barbosa, Cuco Gonzalez, Reno Habif,
Osvaldo Alcaraz Díaz, Roberto Puras, Tony Alicea, Chris
Esperson. This list will grow as more musicians participate
at future events.

Thank You to Everyone who attended the first La Nueva Ola event, and to Penny Einmo for a lot of the video footage.

(collage by Penny)


The first La Nueva Ola event took place at professional musician
and dear friend Adrian Montijo's home and studio. We Rocked
and Rolled from Thursday, May 31, 2012 to Sunday, June 3,
2012. The main event took place on Saturday, June 2.
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