'Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' Inductee 2013


Inducted intio the Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, Alfred D. Herger was proclaimed MR. LA NUEVA OLA (the new wave).

Herger was the originator and leader of the La Nueva Ola (the new wave) music revolution of the 1960's in Puerto Rico. His daily TV shows were an important influence for that generation and a new lifestyle that we are still celebrating today.

Alfred helped many singers and Rock bands start their careers, personalities like Chucho Avellanet and Lucecita Benítez, among many others, and bands like The Sonsets, The Telstars and The Night Walkers.

His shows were not limited to local entertainment. He also brought stars from the mainland, including Neil Sedaka.

We are very proud to have Alfred as part of our team, celebrating ROCK 'n ROLL after 50 years.


See Alfred's own Web Site


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